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Smaller barrels means our whiskey comes of age a little quicker than most.

When you start with just three ingredients, each one must be ideal. Fortunately, we're in luck. Our Single Malt Whiskey starts with two-row malted barley grown in New York's Champlain Valley and Finger Lakes region. It's milled fresh each morning, then gently simmered with pure Catskill Mountain water before being cooled in our custom fermentation tanks. 


Then the yeast is added, and the alchemy begins. We practice an unhurried fermentation process - a little extra fermentation time gives our whiskey the room it needs to develop its full character. It's then barreled and aged for at least a year. By utilizing small 10-gallon barrels, we allow the whiskey more contact with the charred American white oak. And by storing the barrels in an environment of fluctuating temperature and humidity, we make it easier for the alcohol to penetrate and extract the oak's full essence. All of which means the flavor of Sound Shore Whiskey comes to the fore much more quickly than that of mass-produced whiskies. So it's young, but dare we say wiser, full of flavor, complexity, and character. In other words, the perfect easy-drinking single malt, either neat or over ice.

They spent their days on the water, and their nights dreaming of it. Hell, they even drank their whiskey with a drop of water.

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